Friday, 6 July 2012

Is International Business for You?

Globalization trends continue to bring businesses together from around the world to meet, trade and grow. As companies learn from each other and gain experience in the international marketplace, groups that have traditionally focused on local economies are beginning to expand their scope. Smaller businesses are finding avenues for growth through new deals with foreign companies, and Winnipeg is listening.

The Canadian economy is one of the strongest in the world and looks to continue this growth as more private companies and public corporations are capitalizing on opportunities from outside the country. Some companies have shifted their development towards new global market, while others look to gain knowledge through establishing new partnerships.

Starting a dialogue is the first step in expanding this horizon. The idea of bringing Canadian ingenuity - both in goods and services - to new people and new places is exciting and can mean great returns for our businesses while providing a new alternative for international clients. Whatever your industry, it is worth exploring how importing and exporting with international partners can provide growth for your business.

The global business to business forum at Centrallia looks to enable these types of relationships for Manitoba businesses and establish valuable connections in new markets and in different regions. Learn more about International Business and what benefits your business can gain from Centrallia 2012!

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