Monday, 27 August 2012

6 Reasons You Need to Attend Centrallia!

1. It’s Efficient.
Centrallia is concentrated prospecting for your business. Here you’ll find – in one place – the companies you want to talk to and the international trade experts you need to speak to, to help your business grow internationally.

2. You Can Do Business On the Spot.
Companies send only top level representatives to Centrallia; people who are often the same ones who sign the contracts. As such it is possible to conduct real business at the event.

3. It’s Cost Effective.
Compared to the cost of your typical business trip, Centrallia delivers excellent value for your business development dollar. In just one trip, you’ll meet up to 14 new pre-qualified companies that are eager to explore new opportunities with you. Just one new deal can pay for your trip many  times over. 

4. You’re Supported.
While at Centrallia you’ll also have access to international trade experts, representatives and service providers who can help you navigate the intricacies of importing and exporting. You’ll also have access to translation services (English, French, Spanish) for every meeting, if required.

5. The Perfect Location.
Located at the centre of the continent with exceptional air, rail, road and sea transportation links, Manitoba provides the perfect access point to and from North America for international trade. Find out more about Manitoba’s trade advantages at

6. It Works!
With fully 83% of Centrallia 2010 participants reporting that Centrallia resulted in new business for their companies (and 92% saying they would come again), chances are that you will walk away with at least one or two new deals in the works. Seldom have the odds been so much in your favour.

See you in Winnipeg!
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