Wednesday, 25 July 2012

"Doing Business in Canada" Seminar Returns

Highly popular with our international participants, the seminar “Doing Business in Canada”, included in the registration cost, will once again be conducted by the Winnipeg based law firm, Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP, a full service Canadian law firm for businesses. Designed to help prevent international companies from making costly or time-consuming mistakes, the seminar will cover issues related to Business Immigration, Corporate and Personal Tax, Labour and Employment as well as Protection of Intellectual Property and the benefits of various corporate structure options in Canada.

“If you have never done business in Canada before, or even if you have, we have put together a great line up of people with experience and ideas which are designed to ensure that you are successful in your business venture. The focus of this seminar is to help you achieve your business objectives and to connect you with experts who can help you." said Antoine Hacault, partner at Thompson Dorfman Sweatman.

In addition to speakers from Thompson Dorfman Sweatman, the seminar will also feature experts from the government and private sector speaking on law related issues for intellectual property, government regulation and finance. Lawyers who are fluent in French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian will also be present.

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Winnipeg's World Trade Centre

April 2012 was a very exciting time for Centrallia and its core partners: ANIM, Manitoba's Bilingual Trade Agency and The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. Winnipeg's application for the establishment of bilingual World Trade Centre in Winnipeg was successfully licensed and approved!

Winnipeg receives approval for a World Trade Centre
Mariette Mulaire, President and CEO of ANIM, is very enthusiastic about the new doors that will open for Winnipeg thanks to this status. “With the Centrallia global business forum, not only did we broaden our worldwide connections we also found a key partner in the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce,” explains Mulaire.

Building a bilingual World Trade Centre is a bold idea that we knew we could achieve through our association: ANIM brings its international experience and a network of more than 70 international economic development agencies, industry associations and chambers of commerce, and The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce will secure and manage the World Trade Centre location so it becomes a focal point for Central Canada’s international trade community and a valuable resource to its local members.”

Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Dave Angus, certainly shares in the excitement. "This is a tremendous opportunity for Winnipeg as well as for Manitoba businesses since a World Trade Centre (WTC) provides businesses with access to a diverse array of state-of-the-art trade services, enabling them to increase their international sales."

The World Trade Centers Association established in 1968 was born out of a studied need to create facilities that would serve as focal points for the convenience of the promotion of international commerce. There are currently more than 320 World Trade Centers in 96 countries.

Centrallia will be hosted by Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada from October 10-12, 2012.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Is International Business for You?

Globalization trends continue to bring businesses together from around the world to meet, trade and grow. As companies learn from each other and gain experience in the international marketplace, groups that have traditionally focused on local economies are beginning to expand their scope. Smaller businesses are finding avenues for growth through new deals with foreign companies, and Winnipeg is listening.

The Canadian economy is one of the strongest in the world and looks to continue this growth as more private companies and public corporations are capitalizing on opportunities from outside the country. Some companies have shifted their development towards new global market, while others look to gain knowledge through establishing new partnerships.

Starting a dialogue is the first step in expanding this horizon. The idea of bringing Canadian ingenuity - both in goods and services - to new people and new places is exciting and can mean great returns for our businesses while providing a new alternative for international clients. Whatever your industry, it is worth exploring how importing and exporting with international partners can provide growth for your business.

The global business to business forum at Centrallia looks to enable these types of relationships for Manitoba businesses and establish valuable connections in new markets and in different regions. Learn more about International Business and what benefits your business can gain from Centrallia 2012!